Run Your Business with Smart Spreadsheets.

Collaborate from anywhere. Run your business operations in real-time from multiple locations.

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No-code Building.

Stop waiting for an engineer to set up your data for you. Create No-Code views of your databases that feel like spreadsheets.

Real-time Editing.

Easily view, add, delete, and change data in real-time for all your databases - without learning to code.

Stop running your business with manual processes.

Customer Success Teams.

Use Atasheet to streamline the collection and tracking of tickets and customer data, leaving you more energy and manpower to focus on the customer. 

Sales Teams.

 Use Atasheet to track your team’s sales performance per region. Report on what’s valuable to you. Automate away manual work and repetitive tasks.

Operations Teams.

Use Atasheet to easily keep a complete list of all your items, prices, locations, manufacturers, and orders to stay on top of your inventory levels. You can also use it to monitor activity and spot trends to make better decisions about your inventory.

Your Team.

Collaborate from anywhere.

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Start building.

Don’t wait weeks for engineering to build a custom solution.

Begin building today using our intuitive smart spreadsheets and powerful business workflows.

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Collaborate together with every team on all your information— not just your files. 

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Build your spreadsheets to your needs and hide anything else.

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Create a single view of your business with real-time edits.

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Edit and share data that is always synced across the company. 

Build with us.

Flexible enough to be used by small businesses or a large team with multiple databases and dozens of vendors, accelerate your work and deliver value faster with no-code, database-powered spreadsheets.

Run Your Business with Smart Spreadsheets.

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